As the rail industry embraces rapid technological advances, with the advent of major infrastructure projects plus improvements to the existing network including the Digital Railway, gmedia has become increasing involved with the challenge of attracting bright new recruits into the sector. The rail industry is a fantastic place to plan a career and we are proud to be sharing future opportunities with the next generation of engineers.


Like the rail industry, the UK’s major utilities all need to draw upon the brightest talent in order that our country’s infrastructure is maintained and developed.

Working with employers, government bodies and educational institutions, in the power, gas, water and waste management industries, gmedia has provided support with large and small projects to address the skills gaps.


A diverse sector, continually subject to increased and evolving legislation, which requires continual professional development to keep up-to-date with the industry requirements, from Health and Safety through to increased sustainability and procurement measures. Industry drives to provide innovative engineering and technology-led solutions like BIM, for the lifecycle of infrastructure, construction and asset management programmes, have presented gmedia with the opportunity to develop creative communications solutions.


For more than 12 years gmedia has worked with leisure industry brands that are strong and immediately recognisable, our challenge has been to produce work that is highly creative, whilst being respectful of the brand integrity, providing marketing support that communicates internally to existing audiences and externally using outreach communications that promote brand awareness and drives sales through national press advertising, point of sale, leaflets and an assortment of support materials both in the UK and in Europe.


With increasing demand that the reliance on energy is met with reduced environmental impact, gmedia supports organisations in this industry sector by understanding the importance of Health and Safety and effectively communicating research outcomes and training needs.