We live in a branded world, with today’s technologies everything can be branded from buildings to restaurants, roads even people. We help brand owners to achieve their ambition by ensuring the appropriate tone and message is used to reflect the brand, increasing the brand visibility to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Gmedia provides a full point of sale service ranging from pull up banners through to the design and build of bespoke, custom and modular exhibition stands. Other services include full conference management, event marketing and promotion, we can handle all exhibition requirements from set build, AV lighting through to stand transport & storage.

We can advise you on which system is right for your application and provide a solution to suit your requirements.


The world of printed media is going through rapid change, some would say revolutionary, increasingly impacted by technology, the internet and mobile connectivity, all of which is having a huge effect on media production and consumption world-wide.

Digital printing technology continues to grow, providing an economical solution that allows for smaller print runs of all forms of literature. Enabling print to play an important part in the combined digital marketing mix. By seeing the bigger picture, where print is combined with email, social media and web content, it is possible to optimise the reader’s experience, whilst continuing to enhance your brand. All of which is vital to the success of your business.

Our superb quality digital print service allows you to ensure that you only print what you need. It’s fast and it’s cost effective. Gone are the days when it was necessary to print hundreds, if not thousands, of your latest marketing materials in order to get value for money. Quality digital print is affordable, stretching your budgets further.